Citizen Fall

Letter from the Editor

Posted in Uncategorized by ryedog on July 9, 2008

Welcome, one and all, to Citizen Fall, a source dedicated to bringing you news, sports, entertainment and whatever else feels relevant at the time. My hopes are that once you come, you’ll never feel the need to leave. For if this is achieved, I have, indeed, done something right and worthwhile.

Citizen Fall was created at a time when a 27-year-old overachiever finally grew bored of giving away his creativity for little or no compensation. As a result, ‘CF’ exists to be your unmitigated and unbridled guide to everything that has been created and designed to make the grown male weep with joy. Feel free to call us your go-to source for everything sports, entertainment, women and, maybe, just maybe, a little bit of political BS.

I have gone to great lengths and sweat many an hour to construct this safe haven for you–a place where the reigning and unwavering masculinity will always welcome you with open arms and your feminine side will be promptly taken to the woodshed–so don’t ruin this for me!

If you like what you see and read, GREAT. We hope you make it a habit of joining us. That’s the point. And we would very much like it if you put us on your favorites, right in-between ESPN and Barely Plus, wouldn’t it be fun to tell your friends you bookmarked the shit outta this one site last night?

To avoid sounding overly optimistic, I will now relent and forever let the content do my oracling.

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