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Softcore Gridiron Pornography

Posted in Uncategorized by ryedog on September 4, 2008

Not that we’re bitching or anything, but word has it the ritualistic Lingerie Bowl is going from defunct NC-17 Super Bowl halftime show to mainstream little sister of the equally pathetic XFL.  TMZ reported on its site Wednesday that the sad excuse to gather a bevy of silicon-aided blonde failed actresses together on a football field has received financial backing from several horny business men who are looking for a way to relieve their post four-hour Cialis erections.  In other words, some idiots actually ponied up money to form a legitimate and fully functional league based on these women’s abilites to run the “spread” offense with their nipples hanging out.  The Lingerie Football League (LFL) even has its own working website…at least for now.  Anything remotely resembling a league schedule could not be found, but I give it four months before 75% off these fame-hungry gals hang up their g-strings and begin lobbying for the courtship of Hugh Hefner.

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