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Obama calls McCain’s RNC speech “a biography”

Posted in Politics by ryedog on September 5, 2008

One day after his opponent spoke before a raucous crowd at the Republican National Convention in Minnesota, democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama critcized John McCain for an acceptance speech that he said focused more on the Arizona senator’s past rather than the present struggles of the middle class.

Citing the failure of McCain and his republican delegates to offer solutions to a soaring unemployment rate, which reached a five-year high at 6.1 percent in August, Obama pointed out to a group of glass factory workers in Pennsylvania Friday that McCain’s speech put the finishing touches on a convention largely unaware of those problems facing our country’s largest class of citizens.

“They spent a lot of time talking about McCain’s biography, which we all honor,” Obama said.  “They talked about me a lot, in less than respectful terms.  What they didn’t talk about is you and what you’re seeing in your lives and what you’re going through, or what your friends or your neighbors are going through.”

Read the original Associated Press article.

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