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Celebrity photo happy hour: E!’s Ben Lyons should review his D-Bag status

Posted in Celebrity by ryedog on September 16, 2008

All this photo does is make us hate Ben Lyons ever more…

As if we needed more ammo within our resident hatorade arsenal for the baby-faced movie nerd, we find this lil’ tidbit that clearly shows what the tweny-something E! film critic and actor Tom Arnold think of those who put them on the highest of douchebag pedestals as they fraternize at last January’s Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

Not that I have anything against the old Arnie Thomas of Roseanne; he actually gets a free pass here by virtue of his role on Best Damn Sports Show Period.  But it’s still hard to forgive someone who puts himself in a position for such ridicule by mere guilt by association.

The perfect mix of hair style and attire is what makes this picture.  Notice the turn-of-the-century front hair flip and then pair it with an unfathomable assembly of the rugged military jacket and striped scarf, which is folded under and through to form a perfect loop.  Top it off with an obligatory lip curl and you have yourself a douche of mainstream proportions.  

Either this photographer caught Lyons right after he had escaped the chill of the Rocky Mountain air, or he/she has taken this perfect opportunity to exploit the possibility that Lyons may be the type of dude who likes to keep his entire outfit intact, no matter the discomfort.  He figures to be an inside-shades wearer as well.


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  1. Tom said, on October 12, 2008 at 1:50 am

    I couldn’t hate the loathsome Ben Lyons more. He is clearly spoiled, obviously unqualified. The new AT The Movies is no longer worth watching. Shame to
    see this happen.

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