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October: The Perfect Month To Drown Your Sorrows

Posted in Liquids by ryedog on September 23, 2008

With summer now officially over, it’s time to stow away your favorite Euro banana-hammock and warm up to the oncoming fall months.  And that means you get to acceptedly indulge in an endless array of beer flavors and succumb to exorbitant inebriation that you otherwise can’t afford during those other three seasons.  And thanks to those crazy Germans, this drunkfest is highlighted by a dizzying month of October during which all men are socially allowed to flaunt their sausages.

Check out the elitist site Novus Vinum for the top ten Oktoberfest festivals hitting a city near you.

And for all you hard-core enthusiasts, go straight to quintessential source for fall debauchery for a small idea of what it’s like to get royally plowed the way it was intended—in Munich.

Be sure to visit the Liquids section for info on seasonal beers, wine, and whatever else heightens your state of awareness.

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