Citizen Fall

Misery For Sale

Posted in MLB, sports by ryedog on October 8, 2008

Some people just don’t have the stomach (or heart) to withstand generations of futility mixed with sporadic epic underachievement.  The end result?  You end up auctioning off your “loyalty” to the highest bidder on eBay.  Such is the mindset of a considerable number of Cubbies fans nearly a week after their Lovable Losers pulled a disappearing act in the National League Division Series. 

With the paradoxical notion of the Cubs posting the NL’s best regular-season record inked in the books, it figures that history would manage to even itself out and restore balance by sparing the baseball world the antics of a gloating North Side Brigade and, in the process, extend the hopelessness of Cubs fans everywhere to a nicely rounded 100 years.  Now, as football once again takes center stage earlier than expected in the Windy City, those who so latched onto the priceless proverb “Wait ‘Til Next Year” all these years are hoping to cash it in—literally and figuratively—right before they end the misery by becoming White Sox fans.

Side Note: The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported Wednesday that eBay item #120313290200 was fetching 24 bids, with the highest bidder offering $455 for a century of woe.

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