Citizen Fall

A Manly Twist on the Top Three Fall Activities

Posted in Back Cover, Dating, Ladies, Romance by ryedog on October 11, 2008

The autumn months have always been a purgatory of sorts for the average American male: Weekends, not to mention weekdays, are dominated by the MLB playoffs, the arrival of the NHL season, and, of course, a never-ending smorgasbord of televised football action.  But kissing goodbye to the bright sunshine and longer days of summer—both of which are conducive to your wife/girlfriend treating you like a plantation slave out in the yard and around the house—doesn’t necessarily mean all the fun has to be extracted from your Direct TV.  Because I am neither married nor locked into a committed relationship, I reserve the right to look for the possibility of sex around any corner, in any task, no matter how daunting and/or domestic.

Of course, a story of such rediculousness could only be found on the Back Cover.  Read the rest…

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