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Democratic Gameplan Revealed

Posted in Politics by ryedog on October 15, 2008

With just under three weeks remaining until Doomsday, er, Election Day, Barack Obama and John McCain will engage in one final sparring session before the masses Wednesday night, when the final in a series of relatively subdued presidential debates goes down live from Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y.  Presumably prepared to ditch the gentlemanly demeanor that characterized last week’s debate in Tennessee, you can bet both candidates will come out swinging, as each eagerly awaits his chance to drop a proverbial bomb on his opponent.

But what will that bomb be?  Policy handicaps?  Inexperience?  Character issues?

While any and all questions surrounding the legitimacy of Obama and McCain’s campaigns and qualifications will be fair game, both candidates figure to hit up the economy card—hard.

Within his plan, Obama has pledged to give out what amounts to a second round of economic stimulus checks; some would label them glorified welfare handouts.  Meanwhile, McCain prefers to put America on a widespread spending freeze, reserving money for only the most critical of needs, which, in his opinion, happen to be “defense, veteran affairs and entitlement programs.”

So, when the gloves come off shortly after 9 ET, which candidate will have the upper hand?  Well, if you believe in political espionage, it would appear that McCain is best equipped to slip in a couple of sucker punches.

MSNBC reported late Wednesday afternoon that a memo meant only for the eyes of Obama staffers was leaked, instantly revealing the Democrat’s gameplan for not only exposing McCain’s economic approach as “erratic,” but countering his opponent’s strategy, which includes dragging Obama through the mud for his association with radical activist William Ayers.

Over the weekend, McCain fired up a throng of supporters when he proclaimed that he would “whip Obama’s you-know-what.”  And with the latest polls showing the Arizona senator trailing by as many as 14 points, McCain may very well have to kick Obama while he’s down if the Republicans hope to win the election.

And so, with that, Citizen Fall would like to know your take on tonight’s debate and the forthcoming election: 


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