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10:01 PM: It’s Official

Posted in Politics by ryedog on November 5, 2008

Carlos Barria/ReutersBefore the polls on the West Coast even had a chance to close and count their respective votes, Barack Obama, the 47-year-old senator from Illinois, completed a landslide victory of Republican candidate John McCain to become the first African American president in United States history.

The announcement came just after 11:00 ET.

Obama’s convincing victory came without the aid of winning key western states such as California, Oregon and Washington—worth a combined 73 electoral votes—and with the battleground state of Florida (27 electoral votes) still undecided.

Figures projected by several sources indicated that Obama was expected to win every one of those states, with the exception of Florida.

And so, the final count in this country’s most anticipated presidential election can only be described as anti-climactic. 

297-139.  Hardly a contest.

Now our country looks to new leadership in what has become a new era in American history.

Perhaps more anticipated than the outcome of this historical election will be not only the immediate reaction to Obama’s victory, but his long-term perception in the eyes of his non-supporters.

My conservative beliefs notwithstanding, I wish Barack Obama the best of luck.  I expect him to bring this country out of the malaise that has so crippled it.

The campaigns are over.  The election is over.  It’s time to make good on all those promises.

God speed.


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