Citizen Fall

Would You Rather…

Posted in Ladies by ryedog on November 8, 2008

Dirty Whorelebrity News Salty Milk

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 The scenarios:

A) As a dying wish, Amy Winehouse offers you a metal suitcase filled with an unspecified amount of money in exchange for one night of ecstasy.  To help sweeten the deal, she agrees to grant you the ability to make yourself invisible.

B)  Somehow, you managed to catch the eye of Vanessa Marcil at a hotel bar.  After chatting it up over some cosmopolitans, she hands you a keycard and instructs you to wait 15 minutes before joining her and a friend in their penthouse suite for some after-hours action.  In a mad dash up the stairs, you trip and are sent cascading down the stairs in a nasty accident that causes severe injury—and renders the bottom half of your body useless.  The catch?  Forever guilty, Vanessa proposes that she would happily serve as your personal nurse for the rest of your days.

The choice is yours…

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