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Seven More Reasons to Despise John Mayer

Posted in Celebrity, Ladies by ryedog on December 11, 2008


It’ll take some time, but eventually we’ll forgive Jennifer Aniston for falling into the hot-chick-with-douchebag trap.

The A-list actress’ off-again, on-again romance with singer/jackass John Mayer has been well publicized, much to the notoriously private Aniston’s dismay.

“I’ll discuss certain things about my private life to a point, but other things are just nobody’s business,” the 39-year-old told GQ Magazine in a recent interview.

[All photos by Mark Thompson, GQ Magazine]

After Mayer, an avid blogger, spewed intimate details about his relationship with Aniston to a hungry pack of paparazzi, the couple split for a few months.  However, the two have recently kissed and made up, with Aniston reportedly agreeing to give the extroverted musician another shot on the condition he shuts his yapper.

“We deeply care for each other, and we’re just trying to figure it out,” Aniston adds. “I’m not having his baby.  And I have not popped the question.”

Good.  Let’s keep it that way.

Catch the GQ interview in its entirety, wherein Aniston discusses more on Mayer, as well as her upcoming movie projects, a guy named Brad, and her and friend Courtney Cox’s Cougar status.

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  1. coffee fiend said, on January 8, 2009 at 12:09 am

    Jennifer Aniston is all the rage right now

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