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Red Sox Nation Goes Through Gamut of Emotions After Uni Change

Posted in Major League Baseball by ryedog on December 13, 2008

Shortly after the Boston Red Sox revealed new road uniforms for the 2009 season, members of the self-proclaimed greatest allegiance of fans in the country made their thoughts known in an outpouring of opinions that covered everything from conspiracy theories to sexual innuendos.

Thorough analysis ruled the day at The Boston Globe:

“Honestly, if the internet were this big back in the late eighties/early nineties, when the Sox started wearing the current uniforms, I guarantee all of you would’ve been crying ‘tradition,’ ‘change bad’ and the like like you sorry group of whiners are now. I can’t wait until twenty years from now, when they change again, all of you start crying about how much better the ones we’re bringing in now were.”

“God. Some of you people are embarrassing. Grow a pair, people.”

While simplicity reigned at The Boston Herald:

“They Suck!”

Yet others were a tad less blunt:

“Hey I am all for merchandising and all but the hanging sox, always reminded me of testicles…..”

And some didn’t seem to care:

“Festivus is upon us!”


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