Citizen Fall

Warning: Juvenile Teepee Prank Will Get You Doused With Fox Piss

Posted in Back Cover by ryedog on December 13, 2008

After enduring eight consecutive years of teenage debauchery that have caused increasing amounts of damage to his residence, Scott Wagar finally had enough.

Fed up with local high school kids making a yearly tradition of desecrating his home with toilet paper and eggs, the 50-year-old Minnesota man decided to take matters into his own hands when the latest attack took place last September.

Armed with government-issued night vision goggles, Wagar waited for the unsuspecting throng of hooligans to do its thing.  When they approached the house, Wagar unleashed hell with an arsenal consisting mainly of canisters filled with two-thirds water and one-third fox urine.

Wagar pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor assault charges on Wednesday.

“[The fox piss] it stinks, but it doesn’t hurt anything,” Wagar told The Associated Press, pleading his case.

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