Citizen Fall

Holiday Office Parties: Covert Termination Operations?

Posted in Back Cover by ryedog on December 17, 2008

Any nine-to-fiver knows the scenario all too well:  The already too thin ice slowly begins to crumble at the company Christmas party as you decide the best way to become intimately acquainted with your superiors is to guzzle nutmeg and vodka in Solo cups with the frequency of a twelve-stepper.

With the economy in its worst shape in more than three generations, the annual holiday gathering of co-workers is nothing more than an alcohol-aided audition to appear on the end-of-the-year unemployment guillotine.

But before you seal your own fate by jumping off the nearest bridge, reconsider the possibility that there’s actually steps you can take to avoid said catastrophe.  The Bachelor Guy has some advice that will hopefully provide you with the tools necessary to avoid collecting unemployment pay by the first of the year.

If worse comes to worst, try to look on the bright side.  You can always become a blogger.


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