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NFL Sez C U L8tr to Unruly Fans

Posted in NFL by ryedog on December 20, 2008

Standard text messaging rates will apply if you wish to bring a drunken idiot to justice during your next gridiron experience.

The league announced recently that 29 of its 32 teams have agreed to incorporate a policy that will allow sober fans the chance to eject their inebriated brethren.  According to Yahoo! Sports, spectators will now be able to report unruly fan behavior by texting stadium security via a number specified by their particular NFL franchise.

Security will then assess the situation and swiftly carry out the proper punishment, which amounts to either a warning or banishment to the tavern adjacent to the stadium.

The infancy of the plan means that very little is known as to what number each team will require users to dial.  However, some organizations have wasted no time in instituting the measure.  For example, the Bengals are using 513-381-JERK, while the Rams are allegedly asking fans to phone in “SUKASS.”

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