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DiLN Training Camp Blitz: Kelsi Metzler

Posted in Daughter-in-Law Nominee, Ladies by ryedog on December 24, 2008

The four corners of the nation have been combed.  Well, at least the top left one has.

The DiLN Selection Committee braved the unpredictable atmospheric conditions of the Northwest and would have returned virtually unscathed were it not for one noticeable impasse that required some meticulous evaluation.

Though the region as a whole offered so much promise, the epicenter of activity proved much too tempting to avoid.

Like any other notable public university whose endowment is predicated upon the financial success of a nearby footwear apparel giant, the University of Oregon, situated in the quaint metropolis of Eugene, takes pride in the hotness of its cheerleaders. And they are many.

Thus, you can imagine our consternation when we realized we had to pluck but one girl from the entire squad worthy of making the cut.

I give you Kelsi Metzler, former Ducks spirit girl and Cheerleader of the Week.  Yeah…we know.

Now a proud graduate, we’re assuming Kelsi has moved on to the next phase in her life, which includes the epiphany that she may be in love with a complete stranger from St. Louis.

[Photos: Peter Schlitt/Sports Illustrated]

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