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DiLN Training Camp Blitz: Natalie Gulbis

Posted in Daughter-in-Law Nominee by ryedog on January 1, 2009

We’d hate to call her the LPGA’s version of Anna Kournikova, but the similarities are definitely there:

  • A face capable of melting hearts
  • Unparalleled marketability
  • A body capable of buckling knees
  • Untapped potential

Perhaps it’s not fair to compare Natalie Gulbis to Kournikova, but it’s too tempting—especially considering Gulbis seems to be raking in inordinate amounts more posing on sandy beaches and dating stud athletes than sinking 15-footers on the 72nd hole.

In her defense, Gulbis has taken time from her FHM shoots and endless endorsement obligations to nab a couple LPGA titles.

Now that I think about it, it may not be just at all to bring Gulbis down to Anna’s level.  In spite of her inability to get over the hump, the 25-year-old Latvian beauty has been more than impressive in her journey to the summit. In two years’ time, she finished in the top 10 in each of the tour’s four major tournaments.

In 2005, her fifth year on tour, Gulbis managed to finish sixth on the money list—without the benefit of a single victory.

Not that it matters. Gulbis is the undisputed sex symbol of women’s golf. Her list of endorsers is too long to even mention.

Her stylish attire and svelte frame attract crowds of male observers, the members of which wouldn’t normally be caught comatose at a LPGA function. Her skills are good for the game, but her overall package is what drives the business—and all men are merely the investors.

And, right now, for Gulbis—and us—business is goooooood!

Photo/Steve Grayson

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