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DiLN Training Camp Blitz: Jenn Sterger

Posted in Daughter-in-Law Nominee, Ladies by ryedog on January 8, 2009

(Photo/Jim Larer)

(Photo/Al Pereira)

(Photo/Jim Arbogast)

(Photo/William Hauser)

Indeed, that Jenn Sterger. Proof positive that the batteries in her clock of fame may have short-circuited, leaving the big hand teetering just slightly above that 15 minute mark.

I realize the horse I’m beating may already be dead, but these pictures indicate that Jenn still warrants attention.

Some will forever remember Ms. Sterger as the buxom Florida State cowgirl who tinkered with Brent Musberger’s libido at a Seminoles/Miami Hurricanes football game in 2005.

Others will acknowledge Jenn for the person she aspires to be, whether that’s the fledgling young journalist who supposedly got shit-canned by Sports Illustrated (she claims otherwise), the subject of a Playboy spread, the newest member of the New York Jets’ sideline team—or some weird combination amongst the three.

Gotta hand it to Sterger, she’s milked the American public for all its worth and run away with the pail.

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  1. ryedog said, on January 8, 2009 at 8:45 pm

    Thanks for reading, Woody. Appreciate the kind words. I suppose it can’t be a bad thing to get shoved to the back seat by the Daily News.

  2. Hot News » Jen Sterger said, on March 21, 2009 at 9:07 pm

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