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Daisy De La Hoya: An Example of Why Girls Need Healthy Male Role Models

Posted in Ladies by ryedog on February 12, 2009

Jeff Navarro PhotographyAs the saying goes, if whatever you contract from Bret Michaels doesn’t kill you, it can only temporarily suppress future infections from other has-been rock stars.

Almost some of us felt for Daisy De La Hoya when she was booted from season two of Rock of Love after coming so close to winning the sexual rights to Michaels for the rest of her rebellious days.

Or until the beginning of season three.

But we forgot that the diminutive senorita and full-fledged VH1 soft-core porn alum is a strong, self-sustaining woman.

And that’s why she has springboarded from one of cable’s most highly regarded reality shows to the one stop-off all aspiring A-listers must visit: the Motely Crue Tit E. Cam.

Yes, it appears our sweet Daisy has landed so squarely on her feet that she now calls drummer Tommy Lee’s venereal diseases her own.

Oh, and then there’s this.

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