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Hillary Fisher Will Run You $250/Hour

Posted in Ladies by ryedog on February 13, 2009

Hillary FisherThe time is now, aspiring photographers. And if you wanna attract the big job with the top-class talent, you gotta have a plan:

  • Print up fake business cards
  • Piece together half-ass portfolio filled with graduation and family reunion pics
  • Spread thin layer of gravelly sand in back yard and create faux waterfall with garden hose and slip n’ slide
  • Place call to Hillary Fisher

Wait. Who?

Hillary Fisher: Top 10 candidate for Playboy’s Special Edition Model of the Year, Miss Hawaiian Tropic South Carolina 2007, Miss Budweiser Bikini Bash 2007, and the list goes on.

There’s only one problem, besides the whole not working with non-reputable picture-takers. She doesn’t do naked.

Dude, bummer…well, it’s not like you could have footed the bill anyway.

[Photo Credit: Beach Photography]

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