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Gibbs: Obama’s Got That Damn Ball Again

Posted in Politics by ryedog on February 15, 2009

Robert Gibbs has only been on the job for three and a half weeks, but he is already wise to President Obama’s method of taking out some stimulus package frustration.

The White House Press Secretary admits he rarely sees Obama go a day without crossing over members of the presidential wait staff on the residential hardwood, and relishes the former Senator’s daily windmill-dunk facial over House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Throughout his presidential campaign, Obama, a former high school basketball player in Hawaii, was never shy about his boyhood passion. Late last summer, he talked openly to ESPN’s Stuart Scott about his appreciation for the history of the game and participated in a pickup game with the members of the men’s team at the University of North Carolina.

More recently, upon moving into his new abode, Obama joked about ripping out the iconic White House bowling alley in favor of a court.

So noteworthy is Obama’s love for basketball that CNN felt the need to assemble a panel of past and present NBA stars to cross-analyze the president’s jumpshot and weakside defense.


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