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Unnatural Breasts Hinder Former Model’s Ring Dreams

Posted in Boxing, sports by ryedog on February 16, 2009

A former model is furious with the Amateur Boxing Association of England (ABAE) for denying her application into the world of competitive fighting, according to the UK’s Telegraph.

The reason: fake boobs.

Sarah Blewden, 25, of Poole, Dorset, a town along the southern coast of England, says she is being discriminated against because of a breast augmentation she underwent in 2003.

The ABAE insists its decision is for Blewden’s protection, stating the cosmetic enhancements are a clear and present health risk.

“International rules forbid anyone with breast implants continuing to box because of risk of damage to the breast tissue,” said Tony Attwood, chairman of the ABAE. “The natural breast tissue is pushed forward in front of the implant and it is this that is more at risk.”

Blewden contends her implants, which are gel rather than silicon, are not at risk of being damaged and that she would happily incur any expenses associated with corrective surgery to her 32 C’s.

“My surgeon said they make me no more vulnerable than any other woman. They are not enormous ones – they are in proportion.”

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