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Linkage: Hayden Ready To Play the Field

Posted in Linkage by ryedog on February 17, 2009

Photo Courtesy of Vanity Fair

Hayden Panettiere is looking for a no-strings-attached kind of rebound—like now [Us Magazine]

It’s nice to know those on Capitol Hill are worried about us getting overcharged for beer [Real Beer]

For those entirely too into the men’s basketball Top 25 polls [Sports Illustrated]

Now getting drunk comes without a price [The Bachelor Guy]

Movies you and your girl probably won’t finish…you know, because of all the sex [Spike]

Jamal Anderson’s underage white kid alcohol-induced saga rages on [Deadspin]

Michael Phelps’ shot with Amanda Beard appears to be at an end [With Leather]

The world’s first-ever near-total face transplant patient speaks [CNN Health]

Lindsay Lohan: nothing more than a shrunken head with breasts [Daily Mail]

The Schwarzen-mayor says California is nearly broke [New York Times]

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