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SI Photo Retouchers Cancel Out Patrick’s Arse Ink

Posted in Ladies by ryedog on February 17, 2009 PhotoWith every magazine shoot she does, IndyCar driver Danica Patrick ventures further and further into the vast, undefined wasteland that is occupational ambiguity.

Scantily clad bikini model or adrenaline junkie dressed in a flame-retarded jumpsuit?

Nobody has ever denied that Patrick has the look to pull off both, but her well-publicized tramp stamp lends itself to a more hard-core image that drives grease monkeys wild. Apparently too hard for Sports Illustrated.

The magazine’s recently released Swimsuit Edition featured a Patrick spread for the second consecutive year—with some differences.

Besides the obvious generous use of a deep-toned bronzer, the SI crew felt the need to digitally eliminate Patrick’s tatoo, which is strategically placed slightly above the thong line. The puzzling thing is not why the ink was removed, rather why editors made the decision to do away with the tramp stamp one year after they let it fly, in Patrick’s first shoot.

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