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Daily News Visits A-Rod’s Childhood Steroid Pharmacy

Posted in MLB by ryedog on February 19, 2009

Sipkin/News PhotoSometimes, as a reporter, in order to get the story, you have to put yourself in your subject’s shoes. Even if that means entering the seedy world of the Dominican over-the-counter drug trade.

New York Daily News sports writer Christian Red took it upon himself to investigate the alarmingly easy means by which Alex Rodriguez and other Major League Baseball stars obtained anabolic steroids.

The result: It took two minutes and less than $20 to secure the very anabolic substances that have been swallowed, injected, inserted, etc., by today’s criminally inclined baseball players.

With no need to be coy or flash his press credentials, Red calmly cruised down the baby food aisle of Farmacia Carmina to swoop up some testosterone pills. Mission accomplished. All said and done, Red walked out with a package of 10 Methandrostenolone pills—known to the lay man as Dianabol—100 mg worth of testosterone enanthate, and a complimentary 2.5ml syringe, which was kindly handed out by the concerned pharmacy cashier.

No prescription needed. In the DR, if you have a first name, you can score steroids.

To Red’s surprise, however, not one of the five establishments he visited carried the steroid Primobolan (street name: Boli), one of the substances A-Rod tested positive for and claimed was so easy to obtain in his native Dominican Republic.

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