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What Could Audrina’s Boobs Possibly Have To Say?

Posted in Celebrity, Ladies by ryedog on February 19, 2009

We guess Audrina Patridge has gotten so famous that she feels the need to mic herself regardless of where she goes. Either that, or MTV planted the audio cable in the circumference of her areola when she had the Spalding warehouse volleyballed to her breastplate.

Good God!

We’ll rule out a taping of The Hills, since watered down Coronas don’t fit in with the reality soap opera’s club scene of vodka tonics. So, perhaps Patridge is following up the success of Into the Blue 2 by auditioning her ta-tas for an upcoming spinoff destined to fit that 9:30 p.m. ET slot on VH1, smack dab between Rock of Love: Nursing Home of Non-Nubile Whores and Dead on the Outside, starring Mickey Rourke.

Or, as a third possibility, it could just be the arrogance that comes with getting paid $665,000 to do nothing.

[Photos courtesy of the awesome brahs at Brahsome]

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