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Rick Reilly Doesn’t Think Much of My Work

Posted in ESPN, sports by ryedog on February 21, 2009

When Newsday columnist Neil Best interviewed venerable sportswriter Rick Reilly recently, several topics were up for discussion:

  • Television vs. Print
  • His fixation with molars
  • Being whored out by ESPN
  • The sinister nature of blogs

The 51-year-old 11-time National Sportswriter of the Year is not a fan of aspiring penmen who have taken advantage of publishing software to showcase their work. In short, he thinks we’re all a bunch of meanies:

“I don’t really go on the blogs, because they don’t really like anybody.”

Uh-huh, okay, go on…

“Jesus could do a column and they’d be like, ‘What the hell is with the hair?’

JC was more of a mechanically inclined kinda guy, so I don’t know how well He’d do at composing an 800-word piece on A-Rod’s sagging pectorals. But what else ya got?

“It’ll always be something. Charles Barkley told me a long time ago always half the people are going to hate you and half the people are going to love you. If you suddenly change who you are, the other half will hate you. I don’t really care what people holding down couch springs do or say.”

Good point, but I write a majority of my blog posts from the recesses of a brutal quarter-life crisis, not a couch.


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