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Tucker Max Gives Assholes Good Names

Posted in Celebrity, douchebags by ryedog on February 21, 2009

Refer to him as a role model for a lost generation. Call him a best-selling author. Tell him his success has been bred by his curious and mindless audience.

Whatever you do, don’t label him an asshole—that’s exactly what he wants.

If you don’t know who Tucker Max is, you may never know, unless you summon the bravery necessary to review his legendary tales of debauchery and disregard for humanity.

Max is a 33-year-old frat-boy lifer with a law degree from Duke, but that’s where the oxymorons end. When he’s awake, any intelligence that lies latent in his subconscious is pushed aside by an immaturity and brashness that have been a theme in each of his notorious tales, all of which are prominently laid out at his personal site. is the crown jewel of Rudius Media, a company owned and operated by Max, who claims his business model includes giving under-appreciated writers their chance to shine.

And he looks exactly how he acts. Hardly an adonnis, this maladjusted and self-trained womanizer has capitalized on the idea that women with shortages of self-esteem can’t resist a cocky prick.

So much so that he has enough anecdotes to fill an entire book. I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell became an instant New York Times best-seller when it was released in 2006, and the profits haven’t let up, as the book has earned the paper’s prestigious stamp each of the last three years as well.

With the previously unfathomable success of his drunken sex diaries now a reality, the opportunistic Max is now driving to turn his self-deprecating nature into a full-blown brand. His best-selling collection of memoirs is set to become a film adaptation released later this year, and a follow-up book is expected to hit shelves this fall.

The title? Assholes Finish First.

F-Listed has more with a insightful Q & A session with Max.

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