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Academy Out To Prove Its Award Show Doesn’t Suck

Posted in Celebrity, Film by ryedog on February 22, 2009

A year after the Oscars suffered its lowest viewership in five years, Academy strategists are turning to the sports world for a good ol’ fashioned kick in the ass to help jump start relevancy.

A student of Roone Arledge—the noteworthy former ABC producer who is responsible for just about everything you see on a modern day sportscast—Patrick Goldstein has been counted upon to inject a bit of badassness into the geriatric and stale nature of the Academy Awards.

The move has been coined a stroke of genius by some while others prepare for any potential problems by holding their breath.

Producer Larry Mark, via the Los Angeles Times:

“If Roger learned from Roone Arledge, then he learned from a true innovator. He was completely excited about the challenge of doing something new. And we think he’ll make the show more exciting too.”

How much more exciting remains to be seen. But, if nothing else, you can bet Goldstein, a graduate of groundbreaking thought in sports entertainment, will make good on some innovative changes.


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