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Linkage: Natalie Portman’s Cute When She’s Gangster

Posted in Linkage by ryedog on February 23, 2009


Dubya’s not ready to return to his blue collar days [BBC News]

How a non-story can arise out of nothing [Us Magazine]

Arnold dishes out advice for fellow steroid users [Associated Press]

Paleontologists excavate preserved mammoth skeleton in L.A. [CNN]

Has Natalie Portman ever been hotter? [NBC]

Some people just weren’t cut out for this whole digital transition thing [Spike]

And to think the shitty cell phone reception was all Verizon’s fault [Gizmodo]

Pornography without the whole degradation of women thing [Tasty Booze]

Top 50 athlete wives and girlfriends (WAGs) [Coed Magazine]

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