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Tour of California: An Exercise in Rabid Cycling Fandom

Posted in cycling by ryedog on February 23, 2009

Never again will we mock the sport of cycling for its unprecedented boredom level, obvious lack of rivalry, and inexplicable illegal substance abuse.

Because, of course, these pictures from Stage 4 of the Tour of California change all that. From this point forward, an army of men dressed in skin-tight clothing and pointy helmets racing 10 speeds will no longer take a back seat to international curling and recreational badminton.

A new dawn has broke in the world of professional cycling.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Syringe Man.

I guess we’ll never know this creature’s true intentions thanks to that buzz kill known as Lance Armstrong, who decides to dismiss his middle-aged fan by pushing him into the awaiting pile of snow, whereby the innocent caulk-gun-and-broomstick contraption is ruined.

[Photo Credit]

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