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Laura Leigh: Good Looks Nearly Disguise Evil Soul

Posted in Ladies by ryedog on February 24, 2009


It’s a good thing Laura Leigh is hot, because otherwise she might be just a bitch of unbearable proportions.

The 21-year-old nursing student/bikini model from Staten Island, N.Y., was recently discarded from ABC’s True Beauty for being a calculating attention whore whose inner worth barely penetrated her skin. And we can’t say we’re that disappointed to see her go.

As long as she left some pictures behind, that is.

I almost feel bad saying this, but a night with Laura Leigh would have to be a hit-and-run job—and not because her smoldering looks wouldn’t be tempting. The truth is, her personality would get in the way.  And I’m sure after reading her ABC bio, women everywhere would agree that her company should be confined to the bedroom:

She loves the spotlight and is proud to call herself a drama queen. Laura is obsessed with her appearance so much that when getting dressed, she tries on several outfits and does shimmy-shakes and booty-drops to see how her body looks when she moves. She gets whistles and honks every day, but usually just rolls her eyes at it. In general, Laura likes men more than women because women are always jealous of her. Laura loves to instigate drama and enjoys stirring the pot – chances are she will be at the root of every fight. Laura is a survivalist and says she will squash out every contestant to achieve her goal…winning the game.

If one go-around with Laura wouldn’t suffice for you, bear in mind she gave this answer when asked if she would sell her best friend out for money:

“You can always get new friends, especially with money.”

How sweet.

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