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Lindsay Lohan’s New Photoshoot Leaves Us With Mixed Feelings

Posted in Ladies by ryedog on February 24, 2009

Call us crazy, but this may not exactly be the best time for Lindsay Lohan to be posing half-naked.

Granted, she hasn’t lost her chest despite her emaciated frame, which indicates weight loss doesn’t stand a chance against silicone. But the combination of her razor-thin arms and protruding collar bone do nothing to take away from the patented V-cut at her waistline.

Don’t get me wrong, Lohan is a beautiful girl. All she needs is a little protein and maybe some fatty amino acids in her daily routine.

It just scares me a little bit to think that an infinite number of young girls out there looking for a role model will turn to Lohan and somehow think that sticking to an Ethiopian diet will make them attractive.

Thanks to the guys at WWTDD, who first brought my attention to this story.

[All Photos by Hedi Slimane]


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