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MLB Network Looks To Reality For Programming

Posted in MLB, Television by ryedog on February 26, 2009

(Jerry Lodriguss/Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News)The infantile MLB Network has decided to take its piece of the reality television pie.

As if the endless hours of World Series highlights were somehow fake.

The network, which launched back on Jan. 1, has announced its production team has been frenetically following the every move of the members of the Philadelphia Phillies’ bullpen.

On the mound, inside the pen, within the depths of the team shower and around the training table where pitchers get lubed with anti-inflammatory ointments. It doesn’t matter.

This is all-access. For six weeks beginning June 1, we will be given unprecedented freedom to peer into the professional lives of pitchers who see live action but once every four to seven days.

Among them, right-hander Clay Condrey.

“I think it’ll be pretty neat.”

But don’t worry about Condrey and his fellow hurlers letting their new-found celebrity get to theirs heads. After all, these are hardened ballplayers.

“I ain’t no star,” Condrey assures us.

Someone get this guy a speech coach before cameras start rolling.

Here’s to betting the USC Song Girl show rakes in higher ratings.

[Photo Credit: Philadelphia Inquirer/Daily News]

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