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Time Magazine Nearly Canonizes Obama For Budget Speech

Posted in Politics by ryedog on February 26, 2009

TIME/Callie ShellIn a gush of mainstream media liberalism—or perhaps an overflow of emotion generated by a new president’s first call to action—Time magazine reacted to President Barack Obama’s budget speech on Tuesday the way a fat kid would wonder the aisles of a candy store, suddenly in love with every sweet treat known to man.

Drunk with anticipation and overzealous in expectation.

Labeling Obama as the great median through which the conversational tone of Bill Clinton mixes with the stately oratorical skills of a Ronald Reagan, Time suggests the newly appointed Commander in Chief for the first time took the reigns of his presidency, all the while capturing the aura of the great Franklin Delanor Roosevelt.

Wow. That’s three pretty good comparisons for a man who might end up being the second coming of Abraham Lincoln.

Contrasting Monday’s entitlement summit (whatever that is) to his speech before Congress Tuesday, the magazine praised Obama for speaking to America in a direct tone, giving a sense of leadership, as if a president would act any other way:

If the entitlement summit was a conversational concerto, the budget speech was a full-blown symphony featuring a percussive series of simple declarative sentences that conveyed a sense of command…

To the writer’s credit, he stops short of crowning the former Illinois senator as the King of Kings:

All is not joy for Obama, of course. He has to govern. He has to manage situations — the banks at home, the deterioration of Pakistan overseas — that might prove unmanageable. For all the spiritual success of his budget speech, there were precious few details about his policy priorities.

Personally, I have nothing against President Obama; I am neither wholly Republican nor staunchly Democratic. I do not reject the idea that Obama has the ability to capture the attention of an audience, for he does it far better and with much more charisma than his predecessor.

But one stance I do levitate toward is disagreeing with supremely confident thinkers who insinuate Obama will bring about quick fixes as he blows his winds of change across America. If solutions are brought upon our problems, it will be because we as citizens decided that our government plays but a minuscule role in making our lives better.

Not because an invigorating speech told us everything will be okay.

[Photo Credit: Callie Shell]

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