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Linkage: “Best Rapper Alive” Fails to Differentiate Himself

Posted in Linkage by ryedog on February 27, 2009

The next step for Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen is formulating that pre-nup [With Leather, via Us Magazine]

Another rapper on trial for weapons charges. Can’t we find new, creative ways of reinforcing the stereotype? [MTV UK]

No more Hannah Storm boobage [Deadspin]

This is not good for us bloggers wishing to go mainstream [The Big Lead]

Erin Andrews sounds off on nasty rumors [Sports by Brooks, via Sports Radio Interviews]

There’s just something about Rali Ivanova’s…eyes [Plunder Guide]

Please tell I’m dreaming about this price for whiskey-flavored prophylactics [Epic Carnival]

Lots of Windows 7 info for all you operating systems fetishists out there [Gizmodo]

Don’t become just another remnant on one of her sim cards [The Bachelor Guy]

Manny Ramirez and agent Scott Boras have now turned down four contract offers totaling the gross domestic product of several fourth-world countries that still honor the tradition of trading pigs for a woman’s hand in marriage [, Associated Press]

Megan Fox has that post-breakup glow about her [WWTDD]

The chances that your girlfriend’s picture is on [Double Viking] are pretty good

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