Citizen Fall

A Whole New Level of Wrong

Posted in Back Cover by ryedog on March 3, 2009

russoThis story has been floating out there for the past few days, but since it seems like the incident is drawing to a close thanks to Facebook and some diligent investigative work by the Bethlehem Township Police Department, I’ll indulge you.

In short:

  • Creepy Pennsylavania man is entrenched in infantile stages of mid-life crisis
  • Creepy Pennsylvania man invites 14-year-old cheerleaders to his lair for adult beverages and reading of his sexual conquests
  • Creepy Pennsylvania man spins techno beats as tweens twirl about on makeshift stripper pole, while intoxicated, at his behest
  • Creepy Pennsylvania is indicted on multiple counts after pictures of said incident appear on Facebook
  • Creepy Pennsylvania man about to play drop the soap with karma in a penitentiary shower stall

The Smoking Gun has the four-page-long affadavit for your viewing pleasure.

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