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Linkage: Jennifer Stano Would Be Sexier If She Looked People In the Eye

Posted in Linkage by ryedog on March 3, 2009

Excerpts from Alyssa Milano’s newest best-seller [Deadspin]

Lane Kiffin’s staff turns to nudity from the belt up to bolster recruiting [Sports by Brooks]

Primate love makes its return [With Leather]

Miley Cyrus is either having a full-body convulsion or running [on 205th]

ESPN presents its encore to Black History Month [Awful Announcing]

“Man-Bor” pisses off Dodgers owner McCourt [SI]

Marisa Miller prefers to play guitar with her socks on [Banned in Hollywood]

Here’s to ripping on Peter King [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

Even NFL kickers can be a little too over-confident [Busted Coverage]

Jennifer Stano is easy on the eyes [Gunaxin]

Australia’s gift to the male race [Chickipedia]

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