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Matt Vasgersian Should Probably Shut His Mouth

Posted in MLB by ryedog on March 4, 2009

Matt Vasgersian’s nasty side has struck again.

Perhaps more well-known for his propensity for letting expletives fly over open airwaves than for his actual sports insight,  MLB Network’s lead man gave the newly christened baseball haven its first real public relations nightmare Tuesday evening.

In conducting a playful pow-wow with his in-studio colleagues over memorable MLB rookies, Vasgersian accidentally confused former Dodger pitcher Fernando Valenzuela with ex-major-league second baseman Fernando Vina.

Not immediately realizing his mistake, he continued to ramble on until he was politely corrected by Harold Reynolds, who we are sure didn’t exactly expect the little gem Vasgersian was about to unleash from his subconscious.

“Did I say Fernando Vina? What the fuck is that?”

Audio was dropped, the screen went black, and a long period of broadcast silence ensued to make the situation even more uncomfortable.

This is not the first time the 40-year-old Vasgersian has flown off the handle. In 2007, as the play-by-play announcer for San Diego Padres television broadcasts, Vasgersian, on a particular stuffy night in St. Louis, decided he had had enough of the Cardinals’ dominance over his Padres and openly chided St. Louis fans, both on-air and off.

Of course, damage control was quick in arriving, and Vasgersian was off the hook—until he felt the need to prod the Gateway City once more, though not as explicitly. A member of Fox NFL Sunday’s “skank shift,” Vasgersian said late last season that he and partner J.C. Pearson have gotten pretty good at “polishing up turds” (i.e. Rams games) and that he dreads setting foot into the Edwards Jones Dome in St. Louis.

If the NBA ever comes to the Lou, Vasgersian might pretend to like basketball so he can have the chance to blow up a St. Louis orphanage.


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