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Let These Guys Dress You, And You’ll Be Cool

Posted in Fashion by ryedog on March 6, 2009

If fashion is objective in the eye of the wearer, then why do we need GQ to tells us who The 10 Most Stylish Men in America are?

If the coolness of our attire is all relative, then wearing a banana hammock to the grocery store should be just as socially acceptable as wearing two polo shirts, with both of the collars popped.

But, no. Some magazine demands that we flow with the mainstream. At least for now, being stylish means wearing pants that don’t reach your shoes and shirts and jackets that force your nipples to pitch tents in the front pockets.

And if you have broad shoulders, prepare for societal ostracism. In order to dress according to modern standards, you must maintain the frame of an emaciated pre-teenage girl.

And looking the least bit acceptable will cost you some coin, not to mention your manhood. The look being donned by these fine young boys pictured above runs $2,440—for each outfit.

Multiply that by 365 and you’re $890,600 closer to looking good every day of the year, with absolutely no repetition involved.

But before you kill yourself from the stress of the credit card debt, include a testament in your will that requires your relatives to sue GQ for negligence.

[Photo Credit: Peggy Sirota]

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