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Corrie Loftin Doesn’t Need Paris Hilton To Be Irrelevant

Posted in Ladies by ryedog on March 12, 2009

We didn’t feel sorry for Corrie for getting the boot on Paris Hilton’s best friend tryouts because, frankly, she was a calculating bitch.

When you get down to it, it was actually a little humorous to see such a fake poser get rejected by the planet’s definition of childishness and vanity, which is pretty much the biggest insult you could ever receive.

The reason she was eliminated? Paris, playing the part of pot, decided it was time to call the kettle black, meaning she thought Corrie was too into herself.

But it takes no MTV exec to deduce that the move was necessary to uphold the “integrity” of the show when it was revealed Corrie is a Girls Gone Wild alum.

Oh, yeah…and she has some pretty compromising photos.

Loftin’s 15-minute celebrity life has gotten off to a fairly predictable start. Appear on meaningless reality television show? Check. Undergo breast augmentation and flash results of surgery all over internet? Check.

Land starting running back spot on a Lingerie Football Legue roster? Check.


Yep. Say hello to the bruising 5’5″, 123-pound back responsible for splitting carries for the Dallas Desire, which is set to begin play on Sept. 4.

We give it three games before Ms. Loftin blows out an ACL and is forced to appear on Paris Hilton: Wipe My Ass For Me to make ends meet.

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