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Linkage: Brianna Frost Warrants A Cold Shower

Posted in Linkage by ryedog on March 13, 2009

Craig Clasen is nearing Chuck Norris status [Deadspin]

The people at PETA are passionate, not necessarily smart [E! Online]

Brianna Frost…good God! [Krazy Tube]

Proof that a guido didn’t invent Mr. Potato Head [Afrojacks]

Breaking into the Playboy mansion has gotten easier over the years [Asylum]

Clemens drops “trou” for Brian McNamee [Spike]

ESPN shoots down affiliate nudity [Sports by Brooks]

Somehow we knew Cindy Taylor (Brooke Burke’s successor on E!’s Wild On) was still alive [Uncoached]

SEC dominance is built on money, extra dedicated player tutors, and more money—not speed [EDSBS]

Niners QB Alex Smith recently married a former Raiderette; buy the happy couple a gift [Wedding Channel, via Deadspin]

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