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Alex Rodriguez’s Note to Self: Don’t Ever Stop Being Awesome

Posted in MLB by ryedog on March 18, 2009

And to think that Alex Rodriguez’s biggest worry moments after the breaking of his steroid use was whether DETAILS magazine would release the name of his favorite Madonna song.

As if we give a shit. Baseball fans were still trying to act surprised that the game’s appointed savior—the Golden Boy who was supposed to ride cleanliness and a level playing field to unimaginable feats of greatness that would trump the tainted records set by his destructive peers—had achieved bulging biceps and formidable pectorals with dishonorable means.

As it turns out, A-Rod wasn’t worried about us, rather the organists at ballparks around the AL who would jump at the chance to play the tune as the perennial All-Star walked to the plate during each and every at-bat.

One day before his interview with DETAILS, Rodriguez was approached by Sports Illustrated reporter Selena Roberts in a Miami gym regarding evidence that the superstar had used performance-enhancing drugs. And yet all the youngest player to hit 500 home runs can think about is how it feels really good to be so bad, even amongst his mound of recent apologies.

“At one point I did nothing wrong,” Rodriguez says, almost with pride. “And now, over the last three or four years, I caught up, you know?”

Read the rest of the interview to discover A-Rod’s creepy mirror fetish.

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