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Playmate Executive Leads AVP Into Sexually Themed Advertising Age

Posted in sports, Volleyball by ryedog on March 18, 2009

The Association of Volleyball Professionals—commonly referred to as the AVP by those who care about the sport—isn’t exactly a cash cow. Taking a back seat to nearly every major and irrelevant sport in the U.S., volleyball has long been a game dominated by abnormally tall women who don’t exactly elicit sexual arousal.

Perhaps that’s why the association is launching a new marketing campaign aimed at generating interest in tour events by prominently featuring the rumps of several female players—and not their host of unappealing traits (man shoulders/arms, six-pack abs, friction thighs). We won’t deny that most female volleyballers have incredible asses; it must be all that heavy-legged running in the sand.

There’s no doubt this strategy will cause tour revenue to shoot through the roof. It goes without saying that every time a red-blooded American male sees a round butt on a female, the blood drains from his brain, goes straight to his penis, and he immediately thinks of volleyball.

Supposedly it’s a demonstration in subliminal advertising. At least that’s what AVP vice president for business development and legal affairs Kristine Lefebvre seems to think. Lefebvre would know all about showing some skin for the sake of earning some extra cash. The former contestant on The Apprentice posed nude for Playboy in 2007.


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