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Megan Fox Is Officially Accepting Applications

Posted in Ladies by ryedog on March 22, 2009

Megan Fox is gorgeous, even though she sometimes looks like a transsexual mannequin.

But she has always been property of Brian Austin Green through a relationship that developed even before she made our libidos hurt with that outfit in Transformers. However, Fox’s escalating fame has visibly and steadily created a rift between her and the 35-year-old father, so much so that the couple has been subjected to a recent onslaught of damaging headlines hinting at an amicable split and termination of their engagement.

Apparently, those breakup rumors from a few weeks back just didn’t hold up, as the two were repeatedly seen together in public doing “lovey-dovey” stuff—like going to Home Depot for a few gardening essentials and the botox clinic for some face-paralyzing injections.

Whether a ploy or simply the calm before the storm, the good times have seemingly come to an end. And this time for good.

Fox has reportedly moved out of the Hollywood Hills home she shared with Green and settled into a hotel room all by her lonesome. Now officially single for the first time in years, the smoldering brunette figures to play the A-list field like a sober fiddler until she finds the guy who can “listen” to her.

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