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Samuel Adams’ White Ale Best Consumed With Responsible Frequency

Posted in Liquids by ryedog on March 24, 2009

We’ve been known to harbor some hatred toward the Samuel Adams Brewing Company in Boston, but that dissension is probably unjust since it stems directly from the frustration of our native St. Louis losing to both the Red Sox and Patriots in a matter of three years.

Or could it be that our dear city has officially lost its most recognizable brand—and largest employer—to a conniving bunch of foreign parasites, and we’re jealous?

Regardless, that doesn’t stop founder Jim Koch from sharing with us his wonderful array of seasonal brews, the most delightful of which may be the White Ale, designated as the beer of choice during the spring months.

While the snifter-having, pinky-waving guys over at Beer Advocate would rather swill horse piss, the CF community can’t get enough of the orange-and-coriander-flavored serum. We’re sure if we had the advertising revenue to pay an editorial staff and a bookkeeper, the company anal retentives and number-crunching nerd would love it as well.

Just as flavorful out of a bottle, there’s something grand about sipping this beer from a mug filled from the tap. And it’s best enjoyed outside, while the sweet breezes of the season bitch-slap you across the face and you become refreshed at a 5.2 percent alcohol content.

We’ve been slacking lately, but make sure to stay tuned for more unprofessional reviews of beers and other items in the world of mature alcohol consumption.

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