Citizen Fall

Linkage: NFL Outlaws Testicle Grabs, Masculinity of Any Kind

Posted in Linkage by ryedog on March 25, 2009

The Denver Dream will regret cutting Shannon Hurd (Denver Post via Busted Coverage)

Meet the baddest bitch on the planet—and she only cost $137K (With Leather via DVICE and on205th)

Nothing like professing your love of falacio all over the ESPN airwaves (Intentional Foul)

New details of the Donte Stallworth incident come to light (Sports by Brooks, Associated Press)

Safe to say Mercedes Benz sales in Houston aren’t exactly holding steady (Deadspin)

Keith Olbermann brings his pretentiousness to MLB blog (Baseball Nerd via Awful Announcing)

NFL turning into a league of pansies (ESPN)

These people tried ruining it for the rest of us (Spike)

More NBA cheerleaders than you can sanely handle (Uncoached)

The icky connection between Blake Lively and David Letterman (Defamer)


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