Citizen Fall

A Computer-Generated Preview of Our Demise To Hit Theaters Soon

Posted in Film by ryedog on April 15, 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available. more about “2012 trailers and video clips on Yaho…“, posted with vodpod

Here’s a look at the apocalyptic thriller 2012. If you’ve been boning up on your end-of-humanity scenarios, you’re well aware that the world as we know it is supposed to keel over and die on December 21, 2012, therefore fulfilling the prophecy foretold by the Mayan calendar, which, for reasons we’re not educated enough to understand, abruptly ends just three and a half short years from now.

And if you think that’s perturbing, try accepting the fact that mankind’s existence lies on the nimble feet of what appears to be a Tibetan monk, who will try to warn six billion people of the end of days by banging a log against an oversized bell from a remote mountain range.


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