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Linkage: Say Hello To E-Harmony’s Newest Member

Posted in Linkage by ryedog on April 15, 2009

Padres closer Heath Bell joins the club (San Diego Union-Tribune via Sports by Brooks)

Dana Allen wants you to play Connect the Tatoos (Gorilla Mask)

Jay Cutler’s vices follow him to Chicago (Not Qualified to Comment, New York Post)

It’s not every day you’re lucky enough to see a 1983 DeLorean (Observation Bubble)

Perhaps the cause was Glenn Beck wearing a sports coat with Chuck Taylors (Totally Crap)

After getting dumped by one, Lindsay joins E-Harmony in search of more 12-year-old boys (Spike)

Jamie Foxx tells a “little white bitch” to “do some heroin” (E!)

Perverts know no bounds…why on Easter, man? (WWTDD)

This would be less homosexual if it didn’t involve the phrase “explosive legs” and pairs of old-school Reebok tennis shoes [This is the pillar of ESPN’s early 90s morning programming, by the way] (With Leather)

This doesn’t seem ergonomically possible, but who are we to judge innovation (Tasty Booze)


Linkage: Russell James Is Our New Favorite Photographer

Posted in Linkage by ryedog on April 8, 2009

Photo by Russell James

The city of Toronto gets cut off from their Molson at the ballpark (Awful Announcing/With Leather)

Playboy includes tasers among golf tournament attendance prizes (Yardbarker)

NFL teams blur the line of ethical Facebook behavior (Sports by Brooks)

Redskins weed out the wholesome types by ghettofying cheerleader tryouts (Busted Coverage)

Speaking of cheerleaders, Abigail Klein seems fun (Uncoached)

The Simmons/O’Reilly feud that wasn’t fizzles out (Deadspin)

Mitsubishi gives us a thrill with 82 inches of pleasure (Gizmodo)

God bless you, Russell James (Totally Crap)

Reby Sky may be the only semi-professional quarterback with pierced nipples (Reby

One man who’s not sad to see Blockbuster taking one on the chin (Observation Bubble)

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Linkage: NFL Outlaws Testicle Grabs, Masculinity of Any Kind

Posted in Linkage by ryedog on March 25, 2009

The Denver Dream will regret cutting Shannon Hurd (Denver Post via Busted Coverage)

Meet the baddest bitch on the planet—and she only cost $137K (With Leather via DVICE and on205th)

Nothing like professing your love of falacio all over the ESPN airwaves (Intentional Foul)

New details of the Donte Stallworth incident come to light (Sports by Brooks, Associated Press)

Safe to say Mercedes Benz sales in Houston aren’t exactly holding steady (Deadspin)

Keith Olbermann brings his pretentiousness to MLB blog (Baseball Nerd via Awful Announcing)

NFL turning into a league of pansies (ESPN)

These people tried ruining it for the rest of us (Spike)

More NBA cheerleaders than you can sanely handle (Uncoached)

The icky connection between Blake Lively and David Letterman (Defamer)

Linkage: The Plight of Donte Stallworth

Posted in Linkage by ryedog on March 20, 2009

Check out your brackets unabashed while at work [The World of Isaac]

Obama takes it on the chin in the first round [CBS 2 in Chicago]

Having a little fun at the expense of 24’s agent Renee Walker [Moon Dog Sports]

The Digital Generation’s idea of self-help [The Bachelor Guy]

NCAA tourney flow chart [Gunaxin]

The pervert’s idea of professional help []

Anna Faris, like you’ve always seen her before [GQ]

We may not see Donte Stallworth for a very, very long time [Sports by Brooks]

Yet another pair of fake boobs at a Florida Panthers game [Total Pro Sports]

Things are heating up in the Culture Tournament [The Big Lead]

Linkage: I Said Arch Your Back, Goddammit

Posted in Linkage by ryedog on March 17, 2009

A insider’s view on the excess that is destroying the Worldwide Leader [ESPN]

The U.S. Pole Dancing Championships is not an event for aspiring strippers. Right. [With Leather]

Apparently humans survived that whole “end of the world in 2012” thing [Gizmodo]

The only thing more nonsensical than committing murder in the name of soccer is spelling equalizing with an “S” [Uncoached]

Doctors rob this poor kid of a lifetime of belly-to-back threesomes [Asylum]

We never knew Christiano Ronaldo had a little brother [HCwDB]

Steve-O will let an adult sand crab vice-clamp his testicles, but he won’t do the flamenco with a bad back [Us Magazine]

Your next U.S. Pole Dancing champion [WWTDD]

So, Obama’s not a socialist? Well, we can put that one to rest [Drudge Report]

This may hurt Dwayne Johnson’s chances of landing his own Nickelodeon program [Sports by Brooks]

Linkage: Brianna Frost Warrants A Cold Shower

Posted in Linkage by ryedog on March 13, 2009

Craig Clasen is nearing Chuck Norris status [Deadspin]

The people at PETA are passionate, not necessarily smart [E! Online]

Brianna Frost…good God! [Krazy Tube]

Proof that a guido didn’t invent Mr. Potato Head [Afrojacks]

Breaking into the Playboy mansion has gotten easier over the years [Asylum]

Clemens drops “trou” for Brian McNamee [Spike]

ESPN shoots down affiliate nudity [Sports by Brooks]

Somehow we knew Cindy Taylor (Brooke Burke’s successor on E!’s Wild On) was still alive [Uncoached]

SEC dominance is built on money, extra dedicated player tutors, and more money—not speed [EDSBS]

Niners QB Alex Smith recently married a former Raiderette; buy the happy couple a gift [Wedding Channel, via Deadspin]

Linkage: Erin Andrews’ Dad Could Pass For Dan Patrick

Posted in Linkage by ryedog on March 10, 2009

Oh, that Britney Spears…such a role model for white trash everywhere [Gizmodo]

Great calls by Florida Panthers radio broadcaster Randy Moller [The Bachelor Guy]

iPhone applications for pervs [Coed]

Another reason why Facebook should not exist [Holy Taco]

February 2009 Playmate of the Month Jessica Burciaga [on205th]

Dan Patrick and the Andrews sisters [Awful Announcing]

Coolio caught with blow at LAX [E! Online]

We here at Citizen Fall do what we can to keep our Megan Fox fetish intact [WWTDD]

Celebrate Chuck Norris’ 69th birthday with his victorious stare-down with a bear [Film Drunk]

Unemployment is worse than originally thought [Huffington Post]

Linkage: Melissa Rycroft Is Hotter Single

Posted in Linkage by ryedog on March 7, 2009

The two-headed monster that is Terrellichick [The Big Lead]

Your St. Patrick’s Day inebriation timeline [Penthouse]

Your move, aspiring filmmakers [Yep Yep]

Explain to me why we don’t see the wives of PGAers more often [World of Isaac]

His awesome film career aside, Brian Bosworth sucks at life [TMZ]

Tony Mandarich played the 1998 Rose Bowl with a tube between his butt cheeks [Larry Brown Sports]

Pat Burrell’s porn-star past is revealed (it’s not what you think) [With Leather]

Another diamond in the rough [Uncoached]

Milk and bananas…milk and bananas [Camel Tap]

Excellence in Photoshopping over at Sports Illustrated [The Sporting Blog]

That guy from The Bachelor doesn’t deserve this [Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders]

Linkage: Jennifer Stano Would Be Sexier If She Looked People In the Eye

Posted in Linkage by ryedog on March 3, 2009

Excerpts from Alyssa Milano’s newest best-seller [Deadspin]

Lane Kiffin’s staff turns to nudity from the belt up to bolster recruiting [Sports by Brooks]

Primate love makes its return [With Leather]

Miley Cyrus is either having a full-body convulsion or running [on 205th]

ESPN presents its encore to Black History Month [Awful Announcing]

“Man-Bor” pisses off Dodgers owner McCourt [SI]

Marisa Miller prefers to play guitar with her socks on [Banned in Hollywood]

Here’s to ripping on Peter King [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

Even NFL kickers can be a little too over-confident [Busted Coverage]

Jennifer Stano is easy on the eyes [Gunaxin]

Australia’s gift to the male race [Chickipedia]

Linkage: “Best Rapper Alive” Fails to Differentiate Himself

Posted in Linkage by ryedog on February 27, 2009

The next step for Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen is formulating that pre-nup [With Leather, via Us Magazine]

Another rapper on trial for weapons charges. Can’t we find new, creative ways of reinforcing the stereotype? [MTV UK]

No more Hannah Storm boobage [Deadspin]

This is not good for us bloggers wishing to go mainstream [The Big Lead]

Erin Andrews sounds off on nasty rumors [Sports by Brooks, via Sports Radio Interviews]

There’s just something about Rali Ivanova’s…eyes [Plunder Guide]

Please tell I’m dreaming about this price for whiskey-flavored prophylactics [Epic Carnival]

Lots of Windows 7 info for all you operating systems fetishists out there [Gizmodo]

Don’t become just another remnant on one of her sim cards [The Bachelor Guy]

Manny Ramirez and agent Scott Boras have now turned down four contract offers totaling the gross domestic product of several fourth-world countries that still honor the tradition of trading pigs for a woman’s hand in marriage [, Associated Press]

Megan Fox has that post-breakup glow about her [WWTDD]

The chances that your girlfriend’s picture is on [Double Viking] are pretty good