Citizen Fall

Britney Spears makes us feel again

Comeback Complete

Not to be an asshole, but there’s no way I would have posted an assembly of pics of Britney Spears as recently as a year ago; at least not any shots of her posing seductively. But on second thought, the 26-year-old wasn’t exactly in a position to parade around with limited clothing, considering she was mainly preoccupied fighting off rumors of bipolar disorder, squabbling with her dad over her assets and accidentally flashing her coin purse all over Sunset Boulevard. Indeed, it was a sad time for tweeners and budding adolescent boys everywhere. But a workout regimen, labotomy and swift kick in the ass later, our former favorite pop star seems to be doing quite well nowadays. So well, in fact, that Britney is back with a new video remeniscent of her early days. Yep, she’s naked as a jaybird.

(Photos/Frank Micelotta/Jive Records)

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